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dimanche 17 février 2013

"Child's Pose" wins the Golden Bear - "Child's Pose" remporte l'Ours d'or à Berlin

After winning the FIPRESCI prize, Romanian director Calin Peter Netzer received yesterday the Golden Bear at the 63rd edition of Berlin International Film Festival. This year's jury was presided by the Chinese director Wong Kar Wai. 
Child's Pose is a portrait of a domineering mother who wants at all costs, to take control over her adult son.

Congratulations to all the team! Great speech of the producer Ada Solomon!


One cold evening in March, Barbu is tearing down the streets 50 kilometres per hour over the speed limit when he knocks down a child. The boy dies shortly after the accident. A prison sentence of between three and fifteen years awaits. High time for his mother, Cornelia, to intervene. A trained architect and member of Romania’s upper class, who graces her bookshelves with unread Herta Müller novels and is fond of flashing her purse full of credit cards, she starts her campaign to save her lethargic, languishing son. Bribes, she hopes, will persuade the witnesses to give false statements. Even the parents of the dead child might be appeased by some money.

Călin Peter Netzer portrays a mother consumed by self-love in her struggle to save her lost son and her own, long since riven family. In quasi-documentary style, the film meticulously reconstructs the events of one night and the days that follow, providing insights into the moral malaise of Romania’s bourgeoisie and throwing into sharp relief the state of societal institutions such as the police and the judiciary.
        ROMANIA 2012, 112 min    

        Calin Peter Netzer
        Razvan Radulescu
        Luminita Gheorghiu
        Bogdan Dumitrache
        Florin Zamfirescu


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